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Benefits of Electric Bicycles against the Car

6 Benefits of Electric Bikes against the Car


Did you know that you can easily replace that car you use on your daily commute with one of the Leicester electric bikes?

When you come to our showrooms, you will find a wide range of bikes to
choose from. Before you make a pick, ensure you try nout as many electric bikes as possible. Here you will have a taste of the folding electric bikes as well as the other types. Green Hybrid Bikes work in liaison with CycleScheme, Bike2workscheme, Gemelli for the benefit of employees. But not just that. We also supply 90 days Interest Free option with Klarna credit for individuals who want a more convenient way of going to college.

In our work, we ensure that we adhere to UK road laws. The following are some of the benefits of Leicester ebikes in relation to conventional cars:


1. Saving Money Day To Day When Traveling To and From Work

What if you could find a way of saving all the money you spend commuting on a bus or train on a daily basis to and from work? It turns out that electric bikes are effective when it comes to zero expenditure on the daily commute. If you use a car, you need not spend any money on fuel. The savings you make can be used for other purposes.

2. Saving On Car Insurance
Every year, you have to renew your car insurance. Without it, you will not be able to take your car to the road. Electric bikes make the need for insurance totally unnecessary. The only cost you will make on this car is the initial price. After that, there will be no need for you to buy insurance.

Racing Electric Bike

3. Easy To Maintain
Did you know that the Leicester ebikes program has trained mechanics? You don’t have to worry about how you maintain the bike. When you bring your bike to them, they will do for you all the necessary servicing. If anything, this is much cheaper than the amount of money you will spend on maintaining your car.

4. No Parking Fees
Apart from the money you spend to buy fuel, you have to pay for parking space on a daily basis. That can add up to a considerable amount of money every month and even more every year. Opting to use a student ebike can save you parking fees, which you can barely afford, anyway.

5. Reducing Carbon Footprint
In recent years, climate change has become a huge concern. If you are looking for a great way to reduce your contribution to the emission of harmful greenhouse gases, try electric bikes. Since they operate via an electric mortar, they emit no Co2.

6. Comfortable RideG-hybrid Diligent Ebike
Leicester ebikes are not limited by the terrain, distance or an individual’s health condition. You can use it when going up the hills and covering long distances. As you start to ride, the bike pushes you on, even if it is up a hill. There is no better way to get fluid movement while riding a bike.

Why don’t you embrace electric bikes today! Book a free test ride at our Leicester Green hybrid bike shop Today